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Periwinkle Porte is an outlet of expression for the Associates III team to discuss design, elevate environmental awareness and share tidbits of inspiration.

Associates III Interior Design is a passionate, pioneering interior design firm focused on creating interiors that are as healthy, responsible and life-enhancing as they are beautiful. Visit our website.

Meet the Periwinkle Porte contributors…

Debbie Hindman

Debbie Hindman is essentially paid to develop relationships. Nothing replaces face-to-face interactions in her mind. She spends her days creating lasting relationships as Associates III’s Marketer and perfecting her people skills. Co-author of Associates III’s book Sustainable Residential Interiors (with the second edition to be released this summer!), her curiosity about Design has grown into a passion, second only to the arrival of her first grandson, who you’ll find her spending time at play with each week.


Amy DePierreAmy DePierre is our resident nature enthusiast and agriculturally minded PR coordinator. In addition to her role with Associates III, Amy graduated with her MS in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado, Denver in December 2013 and became a new mom to a bouncing baby girl in March. Dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle, Amy’s wide array of interests include in urban agriculture, responsible residential design and thoughtful living.

Associates III Interior Design Team

AIII Design Team

Left to Right: Jill Bosshart, Angie Pache, Jason Schleisman, Kari Foster, Rachel Hoback, Renee Keller, Michaela Jenkins

Meet the rest of the team here.

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  1. Love your site and the vision of your company!

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