Painted Patterns

I was fortunate enough to visit Eastern Europe in September with my husband, Steve. We took a 10-day riverboat cruise on the Danube River. It was our first trip to Europe and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see the beauty of the European architecture in person that I have been so drawn to in images. I enjoyed focusing on architectural elements and applied design in my many of my photos and plan to share some of my favorites in this and future blog entries.

This Entry is focused on the beautifully painted patterns on the architectural surfaces of the Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary. The church has been beautifully re-built and restored since WWII.  It was the first of many, many churches we visited on our trip but the richly painted designs in Matthias Church were my favorite. The rich, bright colors and changing design patterns flowed across practically every wall, ceiling, and molding whether they were flat, curved, or carved. They added depth and movement in a whimsical, playful way. I thought they were delightful and evoked such a different feeling when compared to their more serious counterparts that were filled with clouds and heavenly beings, glimmering gilded elements and stone columns carved in black and red marble.

Jill Bosshart