Today’s post is both celebratory and sad. Anna Thexton, our beloved Front Office Coordinator, will end her time with us on June 18th. We knew she would only stay with us for a limited time and in that time she quickly won our hearts and made a substantial impact on our lives – both at work and personally. While we’re going to miss her like crazy, we are thrilled for the next phase in her journey and hope you’ll help us to support her in her future endeavor. Here, in her own words, are the details about what’s next: 

I don’t recall the first time someone told me I was a ‘natural leader’, but it was probably sometime in elementary school…

Initially I rebelled against the idea, because to me it meant an increase in responsibility. How many second graders do you see begging for more responsibility? None. Case in point, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid who hardly knows whether they want to be a firefighter or a movie star when they grow up. Naturally, I was hesitant to accept being a leader as my destiny, until I tried on a handful of leadership styles and found one tailored to who I am, one I could seamlessly integrate, one that evolved and grew with me, instead of fitting me tightly into a box that would stunt my development.

My time here at Associates III has allowed me to embrace even more leadership opportunities, to hone my assertiveness, and to stretch out my figurative arms and legs in search of the next big challenge.

US-Brazil ConnectThis year I have been selected as a US-Brazil Connect Fellow to travel to Brazil for leadership experience working with Brazilian high school students.  I’ll be working with a small group of 12 students enrolled in technical education programs, communicating with them on-line and then living in Brazil for four weeks this summer and getting to know their culture and country through our interactions.

In one month, I will be in the south of Brazil, facing head-on what used to terrify me. My students and I will embark on a month-long journey as I coach them in their English language studies. The impact they will have on me is difficult to imagine or quantify, yet something I anticipate to be intrinsically life altering and perspective shifting.


I encourage you to visit the US-Brazil Connect website and see for yourself what amazing things they are doing. I am thrilled to be an active participant in breaking down cultural barriers and sharing life with these incredible students. If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting me, financially or otherwise, please do so here, and feel free to reach out and send me a message with encouragement and lots of good vibes; they are much needed and oh so appreciated!

—Anna Thexton