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John MoyePartnering with the right people in business makes all the difference in the world. Since almost day one of opening our doors in 1971, Associates III has enjoyed a relationship with attorney John Moye like no other.

John has this amazing knack of making the legal world and language understandable to everyone. He listens to our requests and opinions about how our business needs to run, and then tailors words that honor our point of view and protects our best interests.

We ask for simple-eze vs. legal-eze in our contract language and he has crafted and obliged, again and again. He makes everyone feel at ease and truly wants a win–win for all. His positive, can do, inclusive attitude wins over even the toughest of critics. He engenders trust, and thereby elevates credibility in a creative arena where people may not have always had the best of experience.

We consider him an extension of Associates III and in alignment with our philosophy: he reflects who we are and what we strive to be – all that is good and true and honest in business and life.

A recent article in Colorado Super Lawyers Magazine paid homage to this wonderful person. We are in awe of his accomplishments and rare ability to build consensus while making the law accessible. It was no surprise to us to read that he has influenced so many young legal minds over the years. Nor that he injected a sense of fun through the creation of “Contract Rap” rhyming couplets as a way to memorize legal concepts. It confirms all we know and love about the man.

Congratulations John on the well-deserved recognition and thank you for working with us and on our behalf for 43+ years.

Colorado Super Lawyers Magazine recently published a great article about Moye White founding partner John Moye and the vast impact he has had, not just within the legal industry, but within the Denver community. The article covers many aspects of John’s career, from his college years at Notre Dame where he worked as a disc jockey at the campus radio station, through today. The article also includes insight from many of John’s friends and colleagues, such as MW attorney Keely Downs as well as John’s legal assistant of 30 years, Glenna McKelvy