I was curious to find out how much is raised through Colorado Gives Day and to promote it once again, so I looked up the numbers. Great News! Since Colorado Gives Day was launched four years ago, this and other opportunities have helped increase awareness and charitable giving in our state. Through www.ColoradoGives.org  alone, donations raised reached $8.4 M in 2010, $12.3M in 2011 and $15.3M in 2012.

Last year, I read in the Denver Post online about the lack of charitable giving in Colorado compared to other states. Our state ranked 30th, with Coloradans giving an average of 4.2% of their discretionary income *. Surprising, but it made more sense to me when I also learned from another source how Americans are more likely to give assistance and their time vs. a charitable donation. Seeing the outpouring of help during recent fires, flooding and other natural disasters in our region corroborated this.

Whether we are opening up our pocketbooks more as a state this year would be interesting to know, however I continue to believe that many random acts of kindness go unreported and a value can’t be placed on the kindness of a neighbor’s heart to help another during a time of need. If you’ve been the recipient of such help, you’re probably nodding vigorously in agreement with me.

CO Gives DayOn Colorado Gives Day 2013, we encourage you to participate; there are more than 1,000 worthy causes available to pick from and support on this day.  The Community First Foundation is doing a remarkable job in leading the way and providing additional benefit to nonprofits through matching donations on December 10th this year. You can even “pre-schedule” a one-time donation ahead of time, which is helpful as, trust me, the site is pretty busy on the 10th itself!

Thank you in advance for sharing your good fortune with those in need during this Season of sharing. Happy Holidays and many Blessings to you and your family!

—Debbie Hindman

*Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 2012