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Last week’s flooding in Colorado has made headlines far and wide — I even had a family member from France call to check in on us. Those of us who live in Colorado know that the devastation is more than a mere article or news clip or slideshow of images that you see one day only to be replaced by the next top news story the next. Here in Colorado we are in the process of picking up the pieces, cleaning up and rebuilding the homes, roadways and lives that have been affected by the rains and flooding. And it’s something you can help with, too — no matter where you are. If you have time and manpower or simply a few dollars to donate, below are a few links for how to provide the much needed assistance now that the rain has subsided:

Help Colorado Now

Lyons Community Foundation

Colorado Flood Relief

Donate Boulder – Community Organized Flood Relief 

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a place to start. The great state of CO thanks you for your help!