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During my commute into work down Speer Boulevard I would see this during its construction. At first I thought they were building wood pallets, for what I could not think of, but maybe for the building just to the south on the Auraria Campus.from afarbeetle kill wood tower








To my surprise, as I’m sure to many, this spectacular art form appeared as part of the “Draft Urbanism” exhibition for Denver’s Biennial of the Americas.

A cathedral…

more light

light, wood and stone









In July a few of us ventured out of our LoDo office for an afternoon adventure to get a closer look. I was truly taken in by the level of detail with such simple materials. 

the stones

wood, stone and a few nails








If you’re in Denver and you haven’t visited this amazing structure yet, I encourage you to take a walk to experience it before it’s deconstruction in September.
At the very least visit this website for more on the installation and about the artist, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Mine Pavilion, 2013.

—Angie Pache