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I’ve had babies on my mind lately. Not because I want one of my own (not for a few more years at least) but because one of my very close friends is pregnant, and I could not be more excited for her! Associates III does not have the chance to design many baby nurseries, but I have been day dreaming about nursery designs lately and thought I would share a few of my favorite design and furniture ideas.

Neutral nursery designs are trending right now, especially due to many couples waiting to find out the gender of their baby, including my friend. I love the idea of a neutral nursery; I think they are classic, sophisticated, and timeless.


Tonal beiges and browns with natural wood accents can create a calming and elegant color scheme. When adding in accessories and finishing touches, I think it is best to stick to a general theme, such as a certain animal or natural motif. I love the elephant theme in the above photo.

If dark woods and beige still come off too masculine for you, but you would like to stick with a neutral color scheme, I would suggest adding in a soft, earthy color, such as green or yellow. The below photo shows a fresh green and white color scheme. The room is still gender neutral, but feels bright and happy.

green and white

Another thing I like about neutral nurseries is that it is easy to add in color through accessories, art, and draperies, once you know the gender of your baby.


It is also easy to add character and whimsy through the use of fun accessories, lamps, and wall décor, such as the below wall sconce and hooks.

giraffe sconceowl hookrabbit hook

There are so many ways to create an amazing nursery!

— Rachel Blackburn