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I personally appreciate Bill McKibbin being in our world. He’s an articulate activist and doesn’t mince words when sharing his point of view. I happen to agree with a great many of them, not all, but I’ve read a few of his books and always look forward to reading his editorials in Rolling Stone Magazine. (My youngest daughter has a subscription that I take a sneak peek through when it arrives and before she gets ahold of it. How else can I keep up with the music scene of today?!?)

McKibbin’s recent piece is titled:
The Fossil Fuel Resistance; as the world burns, a new movement to reverse climate change is emerging — fiercely, loudly and right next door

The thought provoking content of his message is worth a read. I made me think about our future and what we have to look forward to. And what I’ll tell my children and grandchildren when they ask — what did you say and what did you do, mom/grandma, that makes a tangible difference in our world?  Will they thank me for helping make a better place for them, to enjoy quality of life and a secure future on this beautiful planet?

hand in handOf course, they might not ask that particular question but in some way, shape or form, the question will come. It always does. As children grow and are instinctively curious about the world around them, they question everything. Don’t even think about saying one thing but doing another; they’ll see right through you, right? Actions speak louder than any words you could say.

If I believe in something, it only makes sense to me that I act on the belief of my convictions. This is what grassroots activism is all about and each one of us has many opportunities to participate on many levels — buying from a local business, helping a neighbor when in need, standing up for an injustice, subscribing to renewable energy source…..the list is endless.

I sometimes question if my one little step here and there can really make a difference; I have to believe that it does. It helps me to read the many examples McKibbin gives in this editorial that conveys how a groundswell of action is absolutely making a difference. The main focus of his editorial is fossil fuels and our inability to make the transition more quickly to renewables, and therefore slow down climate change. That such a transition to renewable energy will provide more jobs, three times more than the coal, gas and oil industry, and of course that it will more positively affect our environment.

Despite the objectors, naysayers and cynics, there is always a place for someone to fight the proverbial good fight against something we believe will cause harm. If we can put our own personal agenda aside and focus our intentions on the good of all, we will know in our hearts we’re doing it for the right reasons.

I am reminded that if you ask a child to do what you say, they may not listen. But if your actions are consistent with what you ask them to do, they’ll happily follow your lead.  Actions always speak louder than words. I am committed to making my actions speak louder than any words I could ever say and would love to hear how you’re making yours count too.

— Debbie Hindman

The Fossil Fuel Resistance: As the world burns, a new movement to reverse climate change is emerging — fiercely, loudly and right next door

These are serious people: You’re not a member of the Resistance just because you drive a Prius. You don’t need to go to jail, but you do need to do more than change your light bulbs. You need to try to change the system that is raising the temperature, the sea level, the extinction rate – even raising the question of how well civilization will survive this century.

Here’s the good news: We’ll at least be able to say we fought.