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We are in the midst of a springtime snow storm in Denver, yesterday big beautiful white snowflakes fell most of the afternoon and into the evening and the forecast is for more overnight into tomorrow. A tribute from nature, as if reminding us that we are at her whim and mercy. Bringing the bus into work this morning with yesterday’s tragic events on my mind, I wasn’t quite ready to ensconce myself at my desk when I arrived. Really, I would have loved a snow day to spend telecommuting from my cozy home office — instead I settled for a snow walk with a camera to ease my mind.

Perhaps I’ve been a little preoccupied with the benefits of walks recently; I posted this article from the NY Times on the topic to my Facebook page a few weeks ago and followed a week later with this infographic. And it worked — as I walked the LoDo streets and nearby parks, snapping pictures of the snowy scenery I began to feel more connected to this haphazard and, at times, unreasonable world we live in. Probably helped that the refrain ♪♫ so much beauty it could make you cry ♫♪ from a Modest Mouse song was on repeat in my head.

In hopes of passing on some of my snowy walk’s calming influence, here are an assortment of images from me to you:

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. —Goethe

— Amy DePierre