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Prompted by a recent email blast from Jason Mraz: songwriter, musician and environmental activist, I followed a link and discovered REVERB. This organization works with music tours to help promote recycling, waste reduction, and environmental education to fans and tour crew.


On their site they say, “…being green is not all or nothing; many people doing some things will have more impact than some people doing everything. All of us can be active participants in protecting the environment and creating real, large-scale, and measurable change.”  You can also check out their recent tour partners

We can all spread the word in ways that touch us most.  For some, like us, we speak and act upon our environmental consciousness professionally through our interior finish and furniture selections; for others, like REVERB, it’s through songwriting and music.

Jason Mraz

What is it for you?

Every answer to that question is important so please continue to spread the word.

— Renee Keller