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Color psychology has always fascinated me. Mostly because I love color, but also because as an interior designer, I feel color can also impact someone’s quality of life for the better or worse, depending on how it’s used.

Oftentimes, people associate certain colors with a past experience or even something tied to their culture. But other times, certain colors evoke common emotions in people.

Green has always been a favorite color of mine. It’s a color that excites me and makes me happy! Green is also seen as a healthy color. It’s refreshing. And it’s known to encourage communication.

When I saw the use of green at the True Food Kitchen restaurant in Cherry Creek, I couldn’t help but think of color psychology and how the design of the interiors of this restaurant, can impact everyone that steps foot in this fresh and exciting place to eat! They used the color green on a decent portion of their seating. I snapped a picture of a green chair and booth while I was there, mostly because my eye is drawn to the color green! Take a look at the picture below.

I encourage you to look into color psychology if you have never before!  There are plenty of books and websites that talk about the many aspects of this topic.  I like to look at color from a design standpoint, but it’s also fun to see what your favorite color may say about you.

Web Green Chair