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Autumn in Colorado is one of the state’s most beautiful seasons. Along with colorful foliage, it brings with it brisk mornings, warm afternoons, crunchy leaves underfoot and the ideal hot tea weather. As fall changes the landscape around us we are provided with opportunity to transform our homes to reflect a time of moving inside and prepping for the upcoming festivities that often include get-togethers with families and friends.

To fully place ourselves in the mood for fall, here are a few simple ways to modify interiors for the season:

  • With the cooler evenings, invest in a great throw — a knitted blanket, a cashmere wrap — and drape it over your favorite sitting spot.
  • Add seasonal colors that evoke or compliment the deep, rich tones of autumn to any room with accent pillows.
  • When entertaining, take the opportunity switch up the summertime settings with hardier, fall friendly glass and dishware, napkins, placemats and tablecloths.
  • Bring some of the fall harvest inside by creating floral arrangements or table centerpieces using what’s available at your local florist or farmer’s market.
  • Convey the season with scent as well as taste by warming hot cider or mulled wine on the stove for delicious, drinkable potpourri.
  • Show the change of seasons in your artwork, framed family photos, and candlesticks by replacing the more whimsical, summertime décor with fall influenced photos and accessories.

These are just a handful of ideas to make the shift from summer to fall in your home. Do you have any other favorite ways of designing for the change of season? Let us know!

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— Amy DePierre