Spare change. Most of us have it, but is there something we could do with it instead of letting it sit around and collect dust? The answer is of course, yes!

A month ago, my Young Professionals Community Group through my church heard about an organization called iEmpathize based out of Boulder, CO.

iEmpathize is a child advocacy and media movement that creates and collaborates with grassroots solutions that impact vulnerable and victimized children. We work in the US and Mexico with development projects in Russia and SE Asia. We implement strategies in the field while inspiring culture to empathize and engage. (iempathize.org)

My group felt the urgent need to get behind and support this ministry. A couple of us brainstormed fundraisers to support this cause; right now they need funds to build another safe house in Mexico City.

The first fundraiser we started we are calling Change4Change. Our tagline is: “It Change Jarjust makes ‘cents’ to help save children from sex trafficking. Donate now.” The idea behind it is that we can each individually make a difference by collecting our spare change. Some of us have taken mason jars into businesses and into our workplaces to inform others about the issue and allow them to participate if they’d like too. So far, the campaign has gone well, and in the first month we raised $212.09. We are ecstatic and that much closer to reaching our goal of $1,000 by Christmas 2012. And after we reach our goal, we’ll just keep raising more money for iEmpathize with Change4Change and other fundraisers because we truly believe in what they’re doing.

If you’re interested in donating, please checkout our campaign page.

For more information on iEmpathize.

Change4Change— Michaela Jenkins