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How cool would it have been to not only attend the Summer Olympics in London this summer, but also to stay in a room in this one-of-a-kind water tower?! This 23 foot diameter water tower includes a kitchen, living room, and bathroom on the first floor, a bathroom and two bedrooms on the second floor, and a living room on the third floor. Tom Dixon, who created this masterpiece, plans to add two more floors and an elevator so guest do not have to climb the six flights of stairs. He also plans to add a heat exchange system that will utilize the water from the Grand Union Canal nearby to heat and cool the space. As a designer, I appreciate when people think beyond the box and dream about creating spaces for people to enjoy that are out of the ordinary. Dixon did just that! A room rents for a reasonable $210/night for a unique, unforgettable experience. I’m interested in staying in this “round room in the sky”… aren’t you?

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— Michaela Jenkins