Below is a farewell post from the lovely Agatha… while we know she’ll continue to fuel her passion for design wherever she goes, we sincerely miss her vibrant energy, exuberant fashion choices and infectious enthusiasm for life. Bon voyage and bon chance!!


Driving down Colfax towards Colorado Boulevard at twilight on a Friday almost brought me to tears. The mountain range humbly waits its turn in my spectrum, looming behind a washed out neon pink and purple sky outlining the cash register building, a gothic cathedral, a silent biker; corridos pumped out of the car to the right. This is a modern city at the foot of another world, the Rocky Mountains. Steamboat, summertime, I laughed at friends floating down the Yampa on an inflatable mattress. Thawing from a ski in the mountains, wintertime, my family would play cards by the fireplace.

Truly, Denver is the Wild West. It has so much room to grow and so much freedom from the criticism and popular commentary of the journalists occupying larger cities. Denver is diverse yet familiar, large yet conquerable. Because of the more affordable living and gas prices, compared to New York City, many Denverites have money to spare, and money to spare for the hippest restaurants or the hippest concerts. This means more people can join in on a conversation about food and entertainment in the city. And for those who can not afford to fine dine, Denver has a spectacular array of self-serve restaurants. Free fun is always in reach. Tuesday nights I would go to a ping-pong club night in Five Points to make friends, eat great/cheap food, and listen to mainstream pop. Summer nights I watched free movies from the lawn in Cherry Creek North. The city truly belonged to everyone.

Of course, Denver is full of forward thinking, eco-conscious firms like Associates III. Totally unique in the industry, Associates III perfectly balances practical and sophisticated aesthetics with environmental and human conscious design solutions. It was inspiring working at a firm so devoted to its clients. Everyone supported one another and sought to work hard while maintaining a happy and healthy life. Indeed I will miss Kelley’s friendly smile and greeting at the reception. Amy handled my tech issues astutely and calmly. Debbie was always articulate, analytical, and very funny. Cassandra may be the sweetest person I know. Melissa and Marni have amazing patience and are both extremely loving and warm. Renee was always so much fun to talk to and is quite the multi-tasker. Michaela is thorough and amazing at thinking ahead. Rachel’s hair color changes a lot but she is incredibly consistent in her work and she truly loves to design. I miss sitting across from Jill; she’s super considerate, talented, and witty. Maggie could model for Ralph Lauren but instead she is an extremely graceful designer; without question, she is a master at detecting quality and communicating her ideas clearly in a drawing. Angie’s wonderful sense of style and sparkling disposition brightened up a lot of my days. Finally, Kari has made such a huge impression on my life. Her positive attitude and commitment to the Earth I commend. She lives to make her clients and team members satisfied; managing and designing beautifully. I will miss you all!

Last Day

In May I left my job at A3 for an opportunity to experience a new place, New York City, with my younger brother. I thank everyone that I met through Associates III!

Sending my love from a really small apartment  — Agatha