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Even though the fourth of July signifies independence, this year I’ve been thinking more about our interdependence, or how interconnected we all are – coworkers, neighbors, family and friends. I think this connection has been glaringly apparent this year for anyone in Colorado. Our beautiful state has been and continues to be ravaged by wildfire. It’s taken an intricate network of emergency service personnel, fire fighters, neighbors and dedicated citizens to unite in the fight for containment of these fires.

At a time like this the question is simple — how can I help?

In a quick round-up of ways to lend a hand, here are a few sites to consider:

Help Colorado Now – this site provides links and contact information regarding how to make a financial gift, sign up to volunteer and/or provide material donations.

Wild Fire Tees – a group of designers, marketers and printers in Colorado came together to design t-shirts and donate 100% of the proceeds to the CO wildfire relief efforts.

American Red Cross Colorado – currently staffing shelters and aiding evacuated residents with basic needs.

Larimer Humane Society – coordinating animal rescue for High Park fire zone.

These are just a select few ways to aid the wildfire relief efforts. Please comment if you know of or have information for other ways to help.

— Amy DePierre