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During my childhood, my mom denied me of two things I envied: white bread and cable. Henceforth, whenever my family stopped at a hotel on one of many of our family road trips, I begged to watch music videos on MTV. Even throughout high school I’d try and film my own music videos. Unlike sitcoms or films, to me, music videos didn’t have to make any sense; they just had to communicate a vision. In this post, I pair music videos with rooms and designs that convey similar elements.

Spider Webs by No Doubt

The great contrast between Gwen Stefani’s anarchical punk style and this ornate, traditional room evokes the spirit of the Sex Pistols’ album cover for God Save the Queen. This idea of “Royal Punk” is now more familiar, but still very fun.

Toile Fabric

A new spin on toile fabric by Richard Saja that reminds me of the clash represented in the video.

Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim

The dated, eighties capitalist glamour décor of this hotel and the “squareness” of Christpher Walkin and his tie make such an odd but humorous combination. The staid color combination of mauve, teal, brass, forest green, and blush pink are re-worked in the room below.

Faded Glamour

Even though this room was designed in 2008, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of interiors adopting this faded glamour look. It seems the farther we get away from a decade, the less afraid we are of it!

 Headlights by Sean Lennon

The combination of dusk and neon go together beautifully in this video. Also, the use of symmetry creates psychedelic but eye catching effects.

Dusk & Neon

While this room does not entirely remind me of the Headlights video, its artistic pieces do. The small neon piece by Tracey Emin reading “Trust Me” is nonchalantly placed above the gilded frame like another framed piece. It’s a jolt of color balanced by the crimson chair on the left. The Gary Hume painting over the mantel also has a psychedelic flare that’s tempered by the antique pieces in the room.

 — Agatha Strompolos