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“The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), in conjunction with The Home Depot, has launched an online green home products database. The database: leed.homedepot.com is a special microsite within homedepot.com that features products geared toward green home building, many of which may contribute towards earning LEED points and prerequisites for the LEED for Homes program, making it easier for homeowners and builders to find the products they need.” (source)

Home DepotKudos to The Home Depot!  No matter what you think of “big box stores”, any retailer that showcases green products within their store is going in the right direction. This is a pretty major milestone in The Home Depot’s (THD) relationship with the green building industry. THD launched their Eco Options label more than a year ago, directing us to 3,500 + products and now the LEED green home products database takes it a step further: identifying 2,500 products that gain HD Eco Optionspoints when you pursue the USGBC’s LEED for HOME’s program. Whether a homeowner wants to pursue LEED certification or not, the consumer is getting an education, and bottom line – all of these products save energy, water and/or resources.  Something we all want and need to know about.

FACT: Green building is growing in popularity; in fact it’s probably the only, or one of few, segments of the building industry that has been growing during the recent economic recession.

FACT: Green product information is not immediately apparent. We often have to wade through the list of ingredients to help determine if and how something is green.  THD’s attempt to make this kind of information readily available is admirable.  My opinion.

FACT: Decent, safe, and affordable housing is a necessity; healthy and efficient homes should be within the reach of everyone, whatever your budget.  Having a simple system to find them is not only helpful but necessary.

For those of us within the design and construction industry, we may not be as impressed by the selection at THD as the average consumer.  We’re continually bombarded with new products: we know too much, we have access to so many resources, we’re spoilt for choice.  But I’m not so much of a snob that I don’t recognize the importance of this partnership between USGBC/LEED and THD.  And if ever USGBC’s mission to transform the market was being realized, THD is making that mission a reality with them – it surely helps to bring home improvement products to mainstream and create choices for the consumer. i.e. you and me.