Since I was pretty confident Adele would sweep all the wins at the Grammys on Sunday, I turned my focus to my new television indulgence …neigh… infatuation, Downton Abbey. The PBS show predominantly takes place in a gorgeous English country manor, named Downton on the show and Highclere Castle in real life. Below I show certain design elements of Downton and how those elements translate in the 21st century.

The Saloon

The gothic inspired saloon has walls covered in leather imported from Cordoba Spain in 1631 and hung in 1862.

Bucherer Store

This extremely sleek Bocherer store in Switzerland has a long expanse of deep chocolate leather walls.

Downton Abbey

Lady Grantham, aka Cora, sits in my favorite room, the library. In real life, The Castle is occupied by the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon whom now use it as a place to congregate before and after lunch and dinner. This makes me wonder if they entertain each other with the pianoforte after dinners. Simply the presence of knowledge surrounding me is comforting and emboldening.

Brooklyn Home

While the average American citizen cannot collect 5,650 books, as seen in Downton, it’s great seeing people collect books as an account of their interests and knowledge. As people shift to using smart tablets and the internet, I hope the library, or at least bookshelves, still remain! This contemporary layout brings so many functions together, saving room and simplifying life.

The Long Room

While we are on the subject of libraries, I thought I’d share one of my favorites, Trinity College Library in Dublin. I think I’d use a safety rope and carabiner when going to the top shelf.

Downton Horse

Lady Mary is in her riding habit in front of Downton. The Crawleys in the movie discuss how they have heard women’s haircuts are changing in Paris. The English aristocracy solidifies its own importance through its relative adherence to tradition. Sticking to a tradition is an indirect way of saying you are above the trends of another society.

English Inspired

A Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 look that clearly evokes a similar vibe (thanks predominantly to the top hat). I love how the color black has such a dignified air about it.

— Agatha Strompolos