Periwinkle is more than a color.In the beginning, our blog name was solely based on the color of the front doors leading into our office. Anyone who’s asked for directions to our place of business has undoubtedly heard some version of this phrase – “street level, big purple doors, you can’t miss them!” Knowing we wanted to incorporate this iconic real-life feature into the name for our virtual blog led us on a circuitous route to the word ‘periwinkle’ and the French word ‘porte’, meaning door. A little more research revealed ‘periwinkle’ to be not only a color, but also a flower and a shell, and it was this indelible link to the natural world that sealed our blog moniker – Periwinkle Porte.

As for who resides behind the doors, we are Associates III – an ecologically minded, woman powered interior design firm that’s passionate about sharing our collective inspiration with a broader community. Our intention is to provide a place for discussion of all things design related with heavy emphasis on environmental awareness and inspiration. Welcome to our blog!

We chose today to launch Periwinkle Porte as this 23rd day of January marks the beginning of a new year – the year of the dragon on the Chinese zodiac. Our thoughts are that this will make for an auspicious beginning and look forward to the journey ahead. Come along with us! We can’t wait for your comments – let us know what you think!

— Associates III